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Business websites are the 21st century shopfront for any organisation but far too often these sites are either thrown up in a slapdash manner or, if they are constructed professionally in the first place, they’re regularly then left to go to rack and ruin with businesses thinking the job is done. 

Just like a physical business premises though, the state of your website will be one of the first things visitors will judge you on. This is the start of your customers’ experience of your business and this is exactly why it’s madness to provide something unattractive, poorly maintained or obviously in need of updating.

At fourgreenleaves we won’t let any of our clients make this mistake. If you need a new website or your existing website isn’t up to the job of supporting your business growth then we’ll tell you. Then we’ll show you how to put one in place that is. How’s that for a nice and simple approach? 

Our experienced team are hugely skilled in the design and maintenance of great websites. Working with the market leading, powerful and hugely flexible WordPress platform our sites, when combined with our various content marketing services, supercharge your digital presence and keep your business firing on all cylinders online.

It’s not just design that we can help with either – our knowledge of marketing automation (MA), and many of the leading MA platforms available on the market today, means we can also help with the nuts and bolts of how your website efficiently delivers real business without you having to lift a finger. 

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“Every business needs a home online but what you really need to ask yourself is whether you’re houseproud when it comes to your business website?

“Nobody likes to visit anywhere that’s poorly maintained, untidy or just plain ugly and this is as true for websites as it is your offices. In fact, its probably even more important to get your website ship shape because in 99% of customer engagements today, this is your chance to make a good first impression. 

“This hammer is fit for knocking down bad websites AND building awesome new ones. It’s fourgreenleaves secret weapon… well, the hammer plus a bit of web design skill. But mostly the hammer.”  

Bespoke websites on an industry-standard modular platform

When it comes to how fourgreenleaves build websites, we appreciate that every business is different.

However, what should not be different is the ground up build of every website. It’s not in our clients’ interest from a cost, support or end-product perspective. We build on an industry-standard platform which allows extreme customisation potential, flexibility and control.

A business website delivered by fourgreenleaves is always built on good foundations because of this, combined with the fact we follow our own tried and tested development methodology.

The basis of this methodology is the importance of a solid plan built around requirements review and goal analysis. We don’t build first and ask questions later. Instead we work hard to get to know our clients as we believe this is the only way we’ll ever build a website that works for your business.

That being said, we’re not really fans of planning so detailed that it actually ends up getting in the way of execution, and executing great site builds is what we really take pride in.

The reality is that best laid plans always change to some extent once the action starts so we’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop and up to date with the build as it happens. We work with you to achieve an end result you’ll love. 

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