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Business Video

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Video – it’s gone from a luxury advertising tool to an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy, but why? Well, we thought we’d answer that question with (you’ve guessed it!) a video…

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“For thousands of years I thought the legends about me and my epic struggles against marketing evils were best told in the form of manuscripts or a bawdy song around a campfire. 

“I know now though that video is unbeatable when it comes to content that tells a story, highlights an issue, sells a product or simply engages with people on whatever level. 

“Great business video is now central to any modern marketing strategy. At fourgreenleaves we love making videos that show off your business and that people want to watch!”  

A fourgreenleaves video is designed around your business

A good business video is just about the best way you can put a message or story across to your customers in an easy to consume and entertaining way. Video is the fastest growing content medium on the web and video sharing platforms like Youtube are now an essential place to have a business presence.

What this means though is that business video has gone from being something a bit different to yet another type of content that exists in a fiercely competitive environment. it’s not just good enough to have a video now – it needs to really stand out if it’s going to get noticed.

So if you’re late to the video party, fear not. That you’re ready to get started now is the main thing and with fourgreenleaves you’ll be working with an agency that loves to produce truly engaging video.

We build the videos we produce around your business, your messaging, your ideas and achieving your goals. As with all our content, our methodolgy is built on detailed research of the subject matter and the target market.

We don’t just turn up with a camera one day. All of our videos are the result of detailed creative planning and scripting workshops – when the cameras roll we already know we have the makings of something great. Then it’s down to our skills behind the camera and your star quality in front of it to make something great.

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