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Technology Marketing

As experienced tech marketers we know what’s needed to succeed

Technology marketing is an area within which demand has never been higher – we live in a World increasingly dominated by constantly evolving advanced technologies. But we also know that this demand isn’t adequately met by the supply of specialist technology marketing services delivered by operators skilled in these high-tech markets.

Indeed, we believe that technology marketing can be considered a sub-discipline within marketing all of itself, thanks to the huge amount of specialist technical and industry knowledge any marketer needs to do it well. And the number of marketers out there who really understand technology and the technology buyer certainly aren’t ten a penny.

Sure, most (if not all!) of the usual marketing concepts apply but ultimately it’s a technical discipline and this is why good technology marketers need a technical mind. 

Within high-tech industries a marketer needs a deep technical understanding of the solutions, as well as the needs and motivations of the end user, if they are to draw a line between the two and build marketing campaigns that truly connect.

At fourgreenleaves our team is experienced in technology marketing and it’s a space we love working in. We get a thrill out of making the connections we mentioned above and bringing incredible new technologies to the people that need them, while helping great UK technology businesses to succeed and grow.

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“It’s actually a rare marketing animal that can both understand technology and then convey it’s value within a website, advert or campaign – the tech brain and the marketing brain are often two very different things possessed by very different types of people. 

“Luckily for you, the team at fourgreenleaves have a long background and a combined wealth of experience working client side in the marketing departments of technology businesses. Tech industries just get more and more competitive,  my guys could be your edge.”

Marketing that understands the technology sales cycle

Because we’ve worked in the technology space we also understand the unique sales environment that technology businesses, both B2B and B2C, are marketing themselves and their products in to. 

In technology you’re almost always confronted by longer sales cycles and significant buyer investments. A combination of contract periods, initial investments in a solution prohibiting any change within a certain time frame and a desire amongst buyers to make the best of what they’ve got unless a truly compelling message is put in front of them are all factors that contribute to this.

Our understanding of this type of market means we can approach the marketing of technology in a way that can deliver long-term, measurable results. We don’t just generate leads and consider that job done – we know the importance of nurturing and building a relationship with those leads. Within technology marketing the power of brand development and building desirability around a product is an essential element we understand well.

Technology marketing shouldn’t just be designed to create customer, but instead should develop fans and communities that relate and identify with the technology or the brand. The sales will follow. This is all about the transition within your marketing from pushing a product to offering an essential solution people need – we’ll help you make it.

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