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Our friendly, small but perfectly formed team are united by their shared passions for marketing, small businesses and common sense. Find out more about them below and if you want to know more about our people or what we do feel free to get in touch with any of us.

Jonathan Seaton

Jonathan Seaton

Founder & Managing Director

Jono founded fourgreenleaves after an encounter with an immensely wise talking snake in Marrakech who foresaw him using his marketing expertise for good by helping the small businesses of the UK.

OK, we may be embellishing the truth a bit but the snake (admittedly of the non-talking variety), the Marrakech trip and the seed of the idea to start fourgreenleaves being born there is all fact.

Jono is driven by a passion for two things – Cutting-edge marketing based on quality content AND helping small businesses to grow and maximise their potential.

Our no nonsense approach to marketing has its roots in Jono’s firm beliefs that there really is no substitute for hard work and that committed people who get stuck in eventually win through. Marketing a business really is no exception to that rule. There are no shortcuts BUT a bit of creativity and guidance from Jono and the fourgreenleaves team can definitely increase the speed of any business growth journey.

What gets your juices going? Marketing (obviously); Old and often broken Alfa Romeos; Jumping on a road bike; Northampton Saints; A pint of decent beer (ie. not lager).

Samantha Care

Samantha Care

Head of Visuals

Samantha is the member of the fourgreenleaves team with a professional eye for what looks good and, while we don’t believe looks are everything, they are nonetheless massively important.

Working across our branding, photography and video services, as Head of Visuals she makes sure that the visual content we produce for clients goes out looking amazing and representing their brand in the best possible way.

As you’d probably expect, photography is a massive passion of Samantha’s, so much so that she even spends her weekends with a camera in hand as one of the best wedding photographers out there (seriously, if love is in the air for you then check out samanthacarephoto.com and give the girl a shout!).

What gets your juices going? Taking piccies; Camera equipment; Getting on the hockey pitch; Painting; Vintage clothing; Interior design and basically anything else remotely “arty” that comes to mind.

Thor Greenleaves

Thor Greenleaves

Chairman & Marketing Superhero

You’ll notice this chap popping up around the site with nuggets of marketing wisdom that just can’t be ignored. Our inspiration, guiding force and moral compass – Thor is a bona fide marketing superhero.

Some say his hammer is made of Baconium, the hardest processed meat known to man, and that he once made Chuck Norris cry by flicking his ear on a really cold day. All we know is that he’s not just a lame play on words and an excuse for Jono to pretend to be some kind of mythical demi-god. No, he’s definitely not that.

What gets your juices going? Oversized hammers; A powerful hairdryer; Leg day; Compression clothing; Rollmops (erm, OK).

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