The Startup in a Box

You’ve got an idea for a great business in retail or hospitality. You know it can work. You know people will love it. And you know it can make you money. But there’s so much involved, where do you start?

Don’t worry, with The Startup in a Box we’ve got you covered when it comes to…


Making sure your business is seen and your messages heard from day one. Because getting people through the door and that till ringing is the most important thing.


The numbers can be the scariest bit of running any business. Getting someone with a head for figures who understands real life on board… well that’s priceless.


Like it or not, technology plays a part in just about every business today. You need access to the best operational & management tech available to help your business run smoothly.

“Starting a business nowadays is tougher than ever, especially in the competitive areas of retail and hospitality. Success can seem out of reach if you don’t have expertise in areas such as accounts, marketing and technology.

What modern startups need is the support of a trusted network of partners that take care of these areas, allowing them to get on with doing what they do best”

Chris Searle, Arcus Taxation & Accountants

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Through strategic partnership we’ve developed a tried and tested solution proven to give the startups that we work with a competitive edge. The Startup in a Box approach is built on experts in various specialist areas taking the strain so you don’t have to.

From your business finances through to the technology you use to run your tills and manage bookings. From the software that keeps track of your accounts and your money through to that all important marketing we mentioned earlier.

The people and the products that have come together to produce the Startup in a Box are what makes this a truly holistic solution for the modern startup.

Finance & Accountancy

Leading small business accountants servicing clients in the East Midlands and beyond.


Passionate startup marketers (but hey, you already knew that, this is our site you’re on!)

EPOS Technology

Simple, easy to use and cutting edge point of sale systems for retail & hospitality businesses.

Accounting Software

Beautiful Accounting Software designed for simplicity and the needs of smaller businesses.

What Our Customers Say…

The Dog House Leicester

We would highly recommend the guys at Fourgreenleaves for any marketing needs. We love our website and the promo video.

Mr Phillips, Milton Keynes

Arcus have provided us with excellent service and sound advice regarding all of our tax affairs.

Damiano, Aneto Cafe

The Good Till system is quick to start up and it’s fast to use. It really suits us for the size and nature of our business.

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