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Social media doesn’t have to be a minefield with Fourgreenleaves

So many platforms, so many different audiences and so many potential pitfalls. The world of social media can be a tad daunting it’s fair to say but the rewards for a business of getting it right can be massive. 

For an ever increasing number of people social media channels are the first port of call when checking out a business, its products and the service it offers. For exactly the same reason that this can be fraught with reputational dangers, it’s also an incredible opportunity to show yourself off to the World and, more importantly, people actively looking to buy from businesses like yours.

A chance to be human, give your business some personality, really communicate and build up productive relationships with prospects, clients and various communities. 

Businesses today can’t afford to not be social but they also can’t afford to get it wrong. Luckily fourgreenleaves have walked this path countless times, we’re here to help you avoid the traps and get social media right.

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“Being a social animal online can be a bit of a tightrope sometimes. I mean, I’ve bumped into so many good people but don’t even talk to me about that video of the night I had one too many flaggons of ale at  Coventry Jumpin’ Jaks!

“The implications for your business of a social media mis-step can be a lot more significant than a sightly red face though. This is your entire reputation we’re talking about. It has a huge effect on whether people want to buy from you or not and once a mistake is out there, it’s out there for good.”

When it comes to social media management, you need a marketing partner that you can trust to get it right. To build relationships, engage with the World and have some fun without causing the kind of negative social media storm that can bring you down in a day – you better talk to Fourgreenleaves.

Striking A Social Media Balance

This balancing act that is social media for business is the reason why trusting your social media channels to the office intern just because they spend 14 hours each day glued to their smartphone may not be the best idea.

When you entrust your social media to someone, you are placing your brand, your reputation and your entire business’s future in to their hands. It’s fair to say you better be sure they know what they’re doing then!

On top of this responsibility there also has to be a coherent strategy developed while also using social media for what it’s for, being social. This means you need a conversational approach and the ability to think on the fly. Your social channels need an authentic voice and to be genuinely entertaining while also sharing insightful information and having the capability for thought leadership.

PHEW! This isn’t as simple as just thinking of a snappy twitter handle then. It might be time to get in touch with a team that know what they’re doing.  

Don’t be shy! Get social with Fourgreenleaves… 

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