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Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is one of those things we’ve all heard about by now and we know we really should be doing it BUT what is “it”? 

Well, a lot of people can be put off simply because the term SEO sounds a bit daunting – an acronym means something is technical right? Well, not necessarily. We actually think SEO is a prime example of when an acronym is used to make people think something is more complex than it really is. 

You see, we shouldn’t really be saying this as a lot of marketing agencies will win business by claiming its some kind of dark art, but SEO is actually pretty simple. Search engines and their algorithms have evolved over the last decade and become so much smarter, to the point where SEO and simply producing quality content are now closer together than ever before. 

That makes our job even more fun, because creating quality content is what we love doing. However, there is still some science to good search optimisation of this content (or the existing content you already have) and our SEO services will make sure you make the most of these assets and get ranking higher online than ever before.

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“Old Thor Greenleaves had strong arms. S-E, S-E-OOOO…

“Oh, sorry about that, didn’t realise you were there. Just a little nursery rhyme from back home but I guess that shows how us marketing heroes get started on search engine optimisation as early as possible!

“You really can’t overestimate the importance of SEO. Just about every buyer journey today starts with a web search or at least involves one pretty early on. This is where your customers are and it’s how they’re going to find you. We’ll work with you to identify what they’re looking for, why you have the answers and then make sure your content puts you at the top of the list of people they want to talk to.”

SEO changes every day – We’ll help you to keep up! 

As we’ve touched on already, Search Engine Optimisation is not something static, it changes constantly. This change is why the days of black hat techniques have been and gone but that particular huge change for the better doesn’t mean the science of SEO now stands still. 

The major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo pour huge resource into improving the results they return for their users. Their algorithms are their search business and as such are closely guarded secrets. The increasing and decreasing influence of ranking factors, crawlers’ structural or content preferences and user behaviour signals to name just a few require close monitoring.

Never fear though because the team at Fourgreenleaves spend their time tuned to industry chat and testing new theories and techniques to make sure we know exactly what works and what doesn’t – Yep, we’re leading sad lives so you don’t have to!

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