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Empower your people to sell your business

Sales and Marketing Materials

The difference between selling your business and embarassing it

 If your business involves a direct sales function then you’ll appreciate the importance of how your sales teams represent your business when out on the road meeting prospects and clients.

These people are the face of your business and you need to empower them to do their job – selling your products and services –  to the absolute best of their ability. Nothing happens in business without sales and a great way of helping grease the wheels is making sure your sales and marketing materials are built to impress. 

From presentation decks to detailed product brochures, your sales documentation needs to carry a compelling message and deliver it with maximum visual impact. Sales materials from fourgreenleaves are designed to make sure that your business is remembered.

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Thor Greenleaves says:


“Ring any bells? If you’ve ever had the fun of dealing with an errant salesperson who seems to make up their pitch as they go along then we’ll bet it does. Now, we can’t promise to change people but we do reckon that more often than not these situations can arise because sales teams simply don’t have the tools required to tell the right story. 

“The sales decks and materials we produce are designed to help your salespeople to do their job and increase their conversions all while staying on message. It’s win win for everyone!”

Driving sales by putting your best content front and centre

Great content sells so your promotional materials and sales presentation need to be packed with the stuff. But this content also needs to be tailored and delivered in a way that supports a direct sales effort. 

These assets are deployed when your salespeople have already secured a conversation, meeting or demonstration with a potential new customer. Its time to turn up the dial and turn the spotlight on the most compelling reasons you can offer to buy from you.

This is not the time for softly, softly, catchy monkey. That has its place and we’ve done it elsewhere. Now its time to close the business down with  powerful sales-focused materials that empower your people to sell.

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