Our Approach

We like to make tackling a challenge fun

The Fourgreenleaves approach

We do things differently by keeping it simple.

No hiding behind jargon and overly complicated theories – we tell you what we do, why we 
do it better and how we’re going to make it work for you.

We also don’t think getting stuck in is something to be scared of and that’s why we don’t pretend that you’ll market your business successfully without some hard work – to be honest though, if you’re the kind of business that’s ready for our approach then you’ll know this already.

Having said this we also believe in working smart and that the most effective marketing machine is ‘always on’, ready to serve up the right content to the right people on demand, at any time of the day. Our knowledge and understanding of the latest marketing technologies and the power of automation within marketing allows us to achieve this.

Our overall formula for marketing success isn’t that complicated and the elements required to make it work are covered by our range of services.

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What is marketing success?

We believe it’s the process of transforming someone who has never heard of your business into an advocate for it, in other words someone who would willingly recommend your company, product or service. The reason they do this is because they’ve repeatedly purchased from you over a period of time, during which a relationship has been built up. This process consists of several stages through which a customer must be nurtured:

How they are nurtured along this pipeline is where our services come in and how we can help your business. Our digital marketing services help you to grab the attention of prospective customers and facilitate communication with existing ones, while our content is constructed to engage and interest your audience, in the process building fondness for and trust in your brand.

Of course, the human touch is hugely important as well and we think personality sits at the heart of any successful marketing campaign. We’ll help you get your personality, and the personality of your business, across to your audience. This is how the advocates are finally created and it’s exactly why we place so much importance on making working with fourgreenleaves a fun experience for our clients as well as a hugely productive one.

Thor Greenleaves says:

“People look at me all the time and I see them thinking “Hmm… that guy really is the finished article” and who can blame them? BUT they’re wrong. Whether I’m pumping iron or marketing a business, my work is never done.

“You should never stop striving for improvement in anything that you do and it is in this belief that our approach to marketing your business finds its basis.

“We believe in the ‘Plan Do Check Act’ cycle and that’s why we’re marketers that never sit on our laurels.”

Kaizen (OK, it's a theory, but a really simple one!)

Kaizen is a theory we do love, and one of the major reasons we love it’s just so darn simple. It’s all about continuous improvement – the measurement of the effectiveness of a process and then the identification of the small things that can be improved which, when added up, equal huge improvements to the whole.

One thing we found strange when starting fourgreenleaves though was the lack of application of Kaizen theory in the marketing world, especially when it has become prevalent in so many areas as diverse as manufacturing through to professional sport (think marginal gains and Team Sky).

Well, we construct our approach and all of our marketing services in line with the Kaizen mentality. We’re always on the look out for something that can be done better and it’s this focus that allows us to deliver results to our clients time and time again.

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