Marketing Specialisms

Some of the industries and areas we excel in

Marketing Specialisms

All-rounders can still be masters of their trades… 

While the basic principles and techniques of marketing remain the same across almost every industry, type and size of business there’s always going to be some intricacies and niche knowledge in most.

That’s why, although we know we can do great things for all of our clients, there’s certain areas where our team have a particular specialism thanks to a wealth of direct experience working in them from both agency and client side. 

These specialisms include our focus on SMEs and ambitious startups targeting strong business growth along with specific industry expertise in technology, B2B and LinkedIn marketing.

Across all of these there is a common theme – our knowledge of the products, services and specific marketing requirements of the businesses operating in these sectors means we can bring some specialist expertise to the table and jump straight on in to making a real difference when it comes to their marketing strategy and future growth. 

Check out our pages focused on these specialisms for more information on what services we can offer in the areas of startup marketing, B2B marketing, technology marketing and LinkedIn marketing.

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“The people of Fourgreenleaves have built up their arsenal of  skills through years of experience working in marketing.

“While these marketing skills and techniques are transferrable to just about any industry or type of business, it’s natural these guys have even more insight when it comes to the industries and areas they’ve  spent their careers working in. That’s why startups, SMEs, tech companies and legal businesses stand to gain even more from working with Team Green”

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