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What's in the Fourgreenleaves toolkit?

Our marketing services

Tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses

The Fourgreenleaves team provide a range of services covering a large part of the modern digital marketing mix. Our clients work with us to implement comprehensive marketing strategies or simply pick and mix the bits they need when they need them.

Our marketing services centre around two main areas, content and digital marketing, which together form the core of our approach. By combining cutting edge marketing techniques and the creation of quality content we ensure that your business is noticed online and, most importantly, that it grabs the attention of potential customers.

Ultimately we target one thing when working with our clients – converting their digital visitors into business. We believe properly engaged traffic is what eventually results in sales to your business. A purchase might be instant, or it could be a longer process of nurturing, but getting someone interested in you and then keeping them interested is the name of the game.

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“We don’t mess around here at Fourgreenleaves. We know what we do well and we know  how our services can help small businesses to achieve more. Whatever your content or digital marketing requirements, we’ve got you covered.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced people, the best marketing technologies available and an endless amount of creativity, our marketing toolkit really is bursting at the seams. It’s only thanks to my huge upper body strength that we ever get it shut!”

This is the pipeline your customers will move through when you engage with them successfully in the fourgreenleaves way (check out Our Approach page for more information). Our marketing services are designed to get their attention then make sure they don’t fall out of the pipeline.

Our digital marketing services include search engine optimisation, search engine advertising and social media management as well as a comprehensive website consultancy service where we’ll work with you to ensure your site is firing on all cylinders.

Our content services then provide the fuel for all of your marketing efforts. This what gets people interested in you, builds relationships and encourages them to invest in what you offer.

Quality content has the power to inspire, impress and delight prospects and customers alike. Whether you work with us to develop your overall brand or simply to create great standalone content – be that copy, imagery, video or sales and marketing materials – we will always have this goal in mind.

We love small business and we don’t believe powerful digital marketing and brilliant content has to be the reserve of the big boys – level the playing field and get your message out with Fourgreenleaves.

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