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The MARKET-4 Solution

An outsourced marketing department that helps achieve more for less

Welcome to a very important page on this website (obviously they’re all good but this one is right up there in terms of ones you’ll want to read) because it’s all about Market-4. This is our flagship ‘Marketing-Department-As-A-Service’ (MDaaS) package which is designed to take the weight of a business’s marketing activities, leaving that business and its people to get on with doing what they do best.

So, why exactly does MARKET-4 make sense for ambitious businesses targeting growth?

We won’t beat around the bush on this one, first off it’s cheaper than employing someone in a marketing role even if it’s a junior/’first jobber’. But for this money you then take on a team of experienced marketers who can advise you on how to achieve your goals and then get the job done.

And that’s not the end of the benefits because we educate through the MARKET-4 model. We love working with clients who want to learn from us and develop their own marketing skills in the pursuit of even greater business success. Plus, the more you learn from us and take on yourself, the more cool marketing work we can get on with to build on solid foundations built.

After all, there’s a saying about teaching a man (or woman) to fish right…

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“Market-4 is our way of making life as simple for you as possible. Fourgreenleaves is a full-service marketing agency but we want to be a true partner to your business as well, we want you to look at us like your outsourced marketing department.  

“That’s why we call this Marketing-Department-as-a-Service and it puts my marketing superheroes firmly in your corner.  Give the team a shout to discuss what it could do for your business.”

How does our Market-4 service work?

The basic Market-4 service secures 25 hours  per month of marketing services time from Fourgreenleaves, including a monthly scheduled call from your dedicated account manager to conduct a monthly marketing planning session. Any additional time required will be dependent on full requirement scoping and is accessible on either a monthly or one-off basis. 

All of the marketing services offered by Fourgreenleaves are accessible through this plan and can be deployed to achieve the campaigns and KPIs agreed during the monthly planning meetings. MARKET-4 clients will be provided with a monthly activity, KPI and results report tailored according to the goals identified during monthly planning meetings.

(Note: Any materials, third party services or software licences required for completion of a specific client campaign or project will be at additional cost and agreed with client)

Our commitment to our MARKET-4 clients: Our capacity planning at Fourgreenleaves has our MARKET-4 clients at its core. The service is built around taking the weight of a small business’s marketing, and to do this takes focus on our part along with mid-to-long term planning.

This is all required to ensure the time your business is paying for is allocated to the work identified during your monthly meetings (along with your general ongoing campaigns) exactly when it is required. As a MARKET-4 client your needs are at the forefront of our mind and we will never overstretch our capacity at the expense of our ongoing service levels to you dropping. 

For even more information on MARKET-4 and why it could be the perfect fit for your growing business, why not check out our insight piece on the service, what it offers you and the reasons why it just makes sense?

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