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Using social media to grow a B2B business

A big part of what we do for clients revolves around social media and using these platforms to build relationships, tell stories and generate business. We know how powerful the social channel can be for building a business, that’s why it never fails to amaze us how many B2B  organisations we work with who discount social purely because of the space they operate in. 

OK, we’ll accept the value of a busy Instagram account may be limited if you’re a an accountancy for instance, but social has always been about picking and choosing what works for you. The key to good marketing is simple, be seen where your prospective clients are going to be. It’s no different when it comes to social media. 

That’s why we love unlocking the potential of LinkedIn for our B2B clients. The premier professional social media platform is where business is just waiting to be found, it’s effectively become a work-focused Facebook that it’s acceptable to have on in the office. We help you make more of your presence on LinkedIn and put your business in the spotlight in front of relevant business audiences. 

We’re even working with B2C businesses now where LinkedIn presents an interesting way to reach their target markets in a professional environment. LinkedIn is sitting there waiting for your business to take advantage, talk to us and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“You can’t overestimate the power of a good network, whether you’re fighting supervillains or looking for the right in to your next sale, knowing the right people and teaming up together will always reap rewards.

“If your business works in the B2B space and it isn’t making the most of LinkedIn to build networks for your brand and its people then you’re missing a trick. Luckily we’ve got a book full of them when it comes to B2B social media so get in touch and we’ll help your business start growing through LinkedIn.”

Why consider LinkedIn?

Until recently a lot of, if not most, people out there will have preferred to keep business and social separate. But in the online world, mainly thanks to LinkedIn, that quite common divide is starting to become less of the norm and more the preserve of the few, especially as new waves of younger generations enter the workplace.

LinkedIn is a thriving social platform where millions of professionals from just about every industry sector you can think of congregate to connect, debate and do business. This represents an opportunity your business simply can’t afford to miss.

Probably the most compelling reason for this is the fact that these millions of members have shared a huge amount of information about their business and working lives with the platform. This means one thing for you when marketing your business – targeted, relevant and effective campaigns. You reach the people you want to reach every time meaning the right message can deliver ROI beyond almost any other type of marketing campaign out there.

Getting your LinkedIn strategy right then can offer huge rewards but it involves a range elements covering organic activity, engagement, messaging, profile best practice and different types of paid advertising to name just a few. Nailing the basics lays the foundations for you to really go on and make a name for yourself and your business on LinkedIn – we’ll be here to help you from start to a winning finish.

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