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Great copy can sell a business, a service or a product in a matter of seconds yet it’s become somewhat unfashionable when it comes to the usual marketing “hacks” you see promoted today. 

At fourgreenleaves we still believe in the power of good copy. Contrary to what is sometimes suggested about the modern consumer, people do still read and when they’re reading about your business it’s critical that the copy tells the right story. 

No wasting space, we specialise in getting the information that matters across to the reader in a clear, concise and professional style. Even more importantly, our copy is always written to entertain and engage. 

The copy you use is still critical and a huge part of what gives your business a voice. We’re here to help you shout attention-grabbing messages that simply can’t be ignored by your potential customers. 

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“The written word is still a thing of immense power within marketing, the pen is after all more powerful than the sword (not the hammer obviously but it actually gets quite close).

“The creation and use of good copy to sell a business, product or service is where my marketing journey started and is still as valid today as it ever was. 

“Of course, when it comes to a medium for my writing I tend to scratch it into stone tablets with my bare fingers, but luckily the team at fourgreenleaves are here to transcribe and deliver this incredible content to you through their copywriting services.” 

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Copy provides the foundations for marketing – Make yours rock solid!

When it comes to good copy an awful lot has changed since digital marketing started to become increasingly important to business success. 

The different content mediums, platforms for distribution and changes in how people want to consume content and find it have forced copy to evolve in order to remain relevant.

All that being said there are very few things as effective in marketing as a well-written piece of copy and this is because it sits at the core of so many other important cogs in your marketing plan

Without good copy your brand messaging suffers; your website becomes unengaging and is unoptimised for search engines; your marketing materials are dull; and your overall ability to become a thought leader and respected expert within your market, something that really does sell today, takes a huge hit.

Not a pretty picture hey? See, we painted that one with words, so get in touch with us to find out how we can put the excellence of your business into the copy you use.

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