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Content Marketing

At Fourgreenleaves content is king

We believe that content underpins every element of a modern marketing strategy and the businesses succeeding out there are the ones with the best content.

This can be a bit daunting if you might not have the first clue where to start when it comes to the content that your potential customers want to read, see, listen to or watch. The good news for you though is that we love creating great content. We take huge pride in every piece of content that we put out there for our clients and the success of the campaigns built around them.

Be it getting a particular point or piece of information across clearly through a succinct and insightful piece of copy, entertaining with genuinely engaging video or adding the “wow” factor with eyecatching photography and imagery, the team at Fourgreenleaves can help. 

Your business brand lives and dies by the content associated with it. We work hard to understand and support existing brands, or even start from scratch in the building of a new consistent brand message, using the full range of our content services.  

So, check out what we can offer and, whether you’re simply looking for a single well-written product summary or you need a comprehensive audit and revamp of your content, get in touch with us to chat through the options.


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Thor Greenleaves says:

“Nothing angers me more than shoddy, boring or pointless business content – it’s the main reason I carry this ridiculously heavy hammer, it’s just not practical for DIY jobs but man is it good at smashing dodgy content!

Everything that people see, read or watch about your business matters. It used to be the case that your smile and winning personality were the first thing people came in to contact with and what drew them in to working with your business. Things have changed though, those clients will now find you online  instead, and you better be ready to impress them with incredibe content or prepare to wave goodbye.”

Content has evolved for the online world

It was once the case that the content that got businesses found online wasn’t actually the content that people really wanted to find.

It wasn’t constructed to entertain, inform and engage – these were the days of black hat SEO and all that mattered was “keyword packing” and endless link-building to various dull directories whose only purpose was to bump up the search rankings of other sites.

Thankfully, as far as Fourgreenleaves are concerned anyway, those days are gone.

The search giants (lead by Google of course) wised up to the fact that their own relevance would only be secured by the quality of the content delivered to their users. Now these businesses devote multi-billion dollar budgets to the continuing development of search algorithms based on the things that really matter to the average web surfer – relevance; readability; reputation and existing user behaviour to name just a few.

Finally, good digital content is simply good content full stop and the internet is a much better place for it. So, thanks Google, we appreciate the effort. Now let’s get down to work creating great content for your business.

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