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One chance to make a first impression – Our imagery ensures it’s great

The power of a well-taken photograph is beyond debate. Photography can capture the full gamut of human emotion and provide a snapshot of the beauty all around us, even when we might not appreciate it’s there in every day life.

It’s capturing these kind of images and then using them to connect you to your customers that is a real burning passion of ours.

Our photography services cover corporate imagery, professional headshots, product photography, photo case studies and promotional imagery for adverts and industry publications. If your business needs a striking image to grab the attention or tell a particular story, fourgreenleaves can help.

Of course, our photography is integral to many of the other services we offer with professional imagery being one of the building blocks of any successful campaign, website or brand. However, if it’s just our steady hands, eye for detail and a few clicks of the shutter that you need than that’s equally fine with us.

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“If the subject matter is right then a well taken photo can convey a marketing message or tell a story better and faster than pretty much any other type of content. My people know just how to capture images that sell.

“The value of an attractive and unique image is as significant in marketing as ever. These pictures are often what customers first associate with your business. 

So whether you’re showing off your products, your people, your premises or your overall brand, let fourgreenleaves make every shot count!”

Doing something special with the camera… 

Our Head of Visuals and resident photographer Sam has a unique approach to business photography that makes her, and in turn her clients, really stand out from the crowd:

“Photography is my passion in life but it’s probably not surprising that I didn’t discover this through working on imagery for businesses.

“However, I honestly believe this is what makes what we do with business photography at fourgreenleaves really special. My priority on any project is understanding what a client is looking to achieve and then creating beautiful images that support those aims.

“We don’t trade in corporate mugshots or dull office scenes because this does nothing for your business and it’s not what people want to see. Business photography doesn’t have to be boring and we make sure that it isn’t!”

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