Brand Messaging

How do you really want people to see you?

Brand Messaging

It’s not just important for the big boys

Brands – They’re like belly buttons. We’ve all got one and it’s an important part of why we’re here. Yet too many small businesses neglect theirs, thinking it’s irrelevant to their success (or lack of). In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth.

When was the last time you thought about your brand?

We’re betting that it wasn’t at the top of your list of priorities when you landed on our site and that’s fair enough – you’ve got plenty to be doing without worrying about fluff like pretty logos, snappy strap lines and glossy advertising – let’s face it, you’re not Coca-Cola right?

We actually get where you’re coming from but our take on the concept of a ‘brand’ is slightly different and is the reason why getting us involved in your business branding is a great idea. We help our clients to keep things simple, clean and consistent and build a brand that supports their marketing efforts, makes them stand out and increases awareness of them amongst their target markets. 

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Thor Greenleaves says:

“You’ll need a brand as strong as my glutes to keep you ahead of the competition. The team at fourgreenleaves can take the heavy lifting off your hands and help you to build just that.

 “Our knowledge of brands, our understanding of what small businesses require in one and our ability to back this up with our range of marketing services is what makes us different.

“Take a leaf out of my book and let’s dress your business to impress.”

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We believe that your brand is your business and it involves absolutely every aspect of your operation that comes into contact with existing or prospective customers. This is how you present yourself to the World. A consistent image and messaging is hugely important if you want people to recognise your business and understand the value of your offering to them.

fourgreenleaves work with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business, explore how they want to portray themselves and analyse the needs and buyer personas within their target markets. It’s then that we start to put the building blocks in place to create a brand that really works for them and marketing messages that highlight their value to their customers.

So yes, we admit it, there might have to be some of that fluffy design stuff mentioned at the top of this page. After all, we take huge pride in our output looking, sounding and feeling good. However, what we can promise is that we’ll help you to construct a strong brand around which truly effective marketing can be built and we’ll do it in our own unique no-nonsense way.

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