It’s fair to say that social media is now integral to just about every marketing campaign and ongoing marketing management project that we undertake for our clients. That probably comes as no surprise to readers of this blog – we all know how important social media has become today with the various major channels enmeshing themselves into our everyday lives and therefore in to society itself.

However, what we’re about to say next probably will be a bit of a surprise. You see, social media is often seen by businesses as just another, highly convenient, broadcast medium. A platform for spreading the word about their products, services, brand and activities. We know this because it’s what so many businesses who come to us asking for help are expecting us to do.

The problem, and we’re never shy about telling these businesses this, is that this just doesn’t work. Granted, we can manage this kind of social media work for them, but it won’t achieve the results that social really offers to a business.

That’s because social media is more than just a broadcast platform, it’s a platform for engagement.

It’s this fact that the title of this blog references – hitting send on a social message, far from being the culmination of your social media duties, is actually just the start of the work. Because it’s how you then capitalise on that message that really matters. If your business really wants to reap the rewards of an effective social presence, then “fire ‘n’ forget” broadcasting simply isn’t going to cut it.

So, when we talk about engagement then, what do we actually mean? Well it’s twofold really but it all revolves around contributing to, and getting involved with, the conversation taking place on the social media channels that you utilise.

There is the engagement in your content that you are trying to stimulate – the likes, comments and shares that demonstrate that you’re messaging is really hitting the spot and saying something interesting or useful. Then there is your own engagement, both in the messaging and content put out there by your peers on the social channel, along with reciprocating and conversing with those engaging with your content.

Basically, engagement on a social platform takes a lot more time, effort and commitment than simply blasting your messages out there and forgetting about it. Unfortunately though, it is engagement that will also really make social work for you. There is some good news though, and this can be found in how we like to approach our social media work with clients. An approach that can make your engagement with social media a far easier, more efficient yet hugely effective activity.

At Fourgreenleaves we aim to develop and implement a holistic social media approach with our clients. So, yes, we can create and send the messages and content that your business needs to get out there, and we can do it in a way that really gets some attention. We can also take on the weight of the social monitoring and engagement that we talk about above. But at the end of the day, you and your people are a massive part of your business so what we really want to do as well is support you to get social!

We want to get you involved and keep you involved in your social media. To do that we know that we have to make it simple, time efficient and obvious why you’re doing it. That’s why we provide social briefings for you to circulate to your team. These detail what’s happening on social, how to get involved and what’s coming up that you should keep an eye out for – all designed to encourage engagement, create advocates amongst your team and amplify the message.

Taking things a step further, we can then start to get a bit more strategic and align social with your business’s sales efforts. We can work with you to identify and target key accounts, engage with those businesses you’d love to work with and develop the influence on social to support your sales efforts. Now how about that for a tangible benefit of social media.

With an approach like this it’s possible to do so much more with social and move away from that dreaded “fire ‘n’ forget” model. Working together we can ensure that your business does social media right, and uses it as a true platform for growth, rather than just something you think you probably should be doing in order to blast a few messages out there before crossing your fingers that they hit the mark.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat through how this approach to social media could work for your business.


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