Amongst the team here at fourgreenleaves there’s more years digital marketing experience than we’d really like to mention (we’re still young, we’re still young… If we keep saying it then it’s true!), working both in-house and from the agency side. During this time there’s a common issue we’ve all encountered that regularly presents a challenge and probably always will, namely the belief that digital marketing is a way of delivering quick wins and growth hacks.

It’s an attractive story for business leaders to buy in to because who isn’t looking for the next best way to win customers and grow a business? And when it comes to a technical discipline like digital marketing, it’s easy for those with a little bit of knowledge to mislead with jargon, buzzwords and dressed up statistics.

We’re not saying these short-term goals aren’t achievable, what we’re saying is it’s not what the digital marketing discipline is all about. Just like traditional marketing, when managed poorly or overused these shortcuts will often be unsustainable or create unanticipated troubles down the line when special offers and catchy promises lead to problems with long term client expectations and public perception of your brand.

What’s even worse is that there’s a lot of agencies and digital marketers out there who haven’t helped the situation. Because instead of tackling this misconception, they’ve pandered to and reinforced misguided beliefs in order to meet short-term targets, impress a boss or secure a sale.

Well we’re going to go against the grain here and keep things real because, guess what? That’s right, there is no magic wand. No silver bullet. Digital marketing today means commitment to a clear strategy and the will to stick with it. Real results are never instant, the days of black hat shortcuts are over, and anybody who tells you different is preying on your business ambitions with the sole intention of separating you from your money.

What we aim to do differently is become a true partner in the marketing and growth of your business with an emphasis on transparency. If something’s working, we’ll show you hard evidence as to why it’s working and why you should keep on investing in it. If it’s not then we’ll tell you, we’ll fix it and we won’t carry on wasting your money.

We approach the marketing of your business exactly like it was our business – with that clear strategy we mentioned earlier, an acceptance that some things will achieve more for one business than another and the coordination required to ensure we’re all pulling towards the same goal.

Getting to the point where digital marketing really pays dividends for your business and becomes your primary engine for revenue generation will take time, investment and commitment from all involved. But when you implement a sound strategy and remain focused on the big picture, the long-term sustainable rewards of the digital marketing machine that you’re creating make the process more than worth it – We’re talking about securing the future of your business and it’s growth here.

So, digital marketing that’s developed for the long run. That provides sustainable results, builds your brand and is always on. That is simple to understand and delivered with a transparent approach to its workings. Sound good to you? Well then it’s time you got a marketing partner you can trust in your corner.


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