Transparency. It’s something we’re committed to across all aspects of what we do but especially when it comes to our services, our client communications, the results we achieve and what we cost. You might have noticed on our site a page that details our unique MARKET-4 package, a package we like to describe as our MDaaS solution. And as we’re in to this whole transparency thing, well we thought it would be only right to look at exactly what we mean by this…

And so to the question that gives us the title of this blog, what on Earth is MDaaS?

Well, within the technology world today you’ll quite often come across cloud-based products described as SaaS solutions, an acronym for Software-as-a-Service – in other words, a previously tangible product or item like a piece of software now delivered as subscribed-to service.

The sharpest amongst you lovely readers will probably have seen where we’re going with this then (or at least taken a clue from the last three letters anyway) and you’d be right, MDaaS is indeed, drum roll please… Marketing-Department-as-a-Service. So, there we go, that’s that cleared up then!

Okay, okay, we’ll accept that while you know what it stands for now, what we actually mean by it may still be as clear as mud (which isn’t great considering we began this blog extolling the virtues of transparency). So, let’s take a bit of a closer look at the meaning behind the title and why exactly we describe MARKET-4 as an MDaaS solution.

Taking your business to market doesn’t have to break the bank

It’s maybe not surprising that being in our line of work we consider quality marketing as absolutely essential for business success but we also understand that maintaining an effective in-house marketing department can be a huge overhead.

For the ambitious growing business then, does this mean they simply have to find a way to afford good marketing regardless of the cost, potentially at the risk of defeating the point entirely because this can’t really be done without jeopardising the financial security of the business? Well no, it doesn’t and that’s thanks to our MDaaS model – here’s 5 reasons why:

1. Cheaper Than Hiring

There’s no point dressing this one up. It’s the exact problem we’ve already mentioned – hiring people is the biggest expense for almost every business and good marketers don’t come cheap. Through MARKET-4 you get access to the skill sets of a team of marketing specialists at a fraction of the cost of employing them.

2. Experienced Experts, No Green Rookies

By working with fourgreenleaves, you’re working with knowledgeable marketing experts with years of experience helping businesses just like you to promote themselves effectively. We develop and come to you with a plan then put it in to action. While budgets may dictate a first or second-jobber is the likely employee you’ll be looking for, the potential burden of nurturing, guiding and managing a rookie marketer (while noble) may not be a sensible choice for your business.

3. Planning And Structure

The MDaaS approach allows us to flex our marketing muscles on your behalf as a real strategic partner, as opposed to an agency simply completing isolated work, campaigns and projects for you. The managed approach based on a long-term relationship and including regular planning sessions and communication allows us to work with you to devise a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business and then implement it using the time included as part of the package.

4. Learn With Us

Now this one may not sound like a particularly clever move from us. A lot of agencies will actively try to keep their clients in the dark when it comes to the work they’re doing. Maintaining the mystique around their digital marketing techniques is how they retain their clients because it keeps them in the frame of mind that they couldn’t possibly do it themselves.

We don’t believe in this. In fact, we actively encourage our clients to get involved in what we’re doing and take the opportunity to learn from us. We’re a big fan of the “teach a man to fish…” saying you see. And the reason we’re not afraid to do this is because we know we can continue to add value as our clients ‘skill up’. We’re partners remember and as you become more knowledgeable our combined efforts become even more effective PLUS if you take the reins on certain aspects, it frees us up to do even more cool stuff with the time you’re paying us for.

5. Our Commitment To You

Our MARKET-4 clients sit at the core of our own capacity planning. They’ve made the decision to commit and partner with us on a strategic level and we believe that’s a big deal. A key element of any productive partnership is trust and as a MARKET-4 client you can trust that your requirements, projects and long-term strategy are an absolute priority. We’re your marketing department after all, it’s just the way it should be!

There we have it then, that’s MDaaS and why we’re confident that our MARKET-4 service is a much needed tonic for those businesses looking to achieve growth through cutting edge marketing and to do it both cost effectively and sustainably.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how MARKET-4 could revolutionise how your business markets itself without breaking the bank.


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