Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been hugely important for business websites ever since the concept of internet search engines came in to being. The commercial power of the internet was almost immediately obvious to all and it soon became apparent that, for businesses to get found and grow online, their websites would need to be made as attractive to these search engines as possible.

And so began the practice of SEO, the seemingly endless cat and mouse game between the search giants with their closely-guarded algorithms and those marketers striving to understand and “crack” them.

What this meant originally was that the practice of SEO gained a somewhat dodgy reputation. The early search algorithms – including those of Google, the undisputed kings of search – were not exactly sophisticated by today’s standard and this gave rise to many equally unsophisticated practices amongst SEO companies.

‘Hacks’ like keyword stuffing and artificial link-building abounded. Nowadays we’d refer to these kind of activities as black hat SEO but back then it worked. Thankfully though the development of search algorithms has changed this for the better and now optimising your website for search means something very different.

It’s those search giants at Google that led the charge on this front with their inexorable efforts to develop their search engine in to the single most powerful and trusted view on the internet available. To achieve this they knew they had to base their search algorithm on two very important factors – relevance and quality.

Now, in 2018, that development continues and likely always will, but the work done to now means we already exist in an SEO environment that depends almost entirely on the relevance and quality of web page content (along with a number of structural factors known to indicate high standards in both areas).

It’s great for the general web user because the search results delivered to them are now more likely to serve their needs than ever. It’s also great for marketers like us because we love creating incredible content for our clients and using it to help them get found online.

What it does mean for those businesses trying to keep up though? Well, for a start, it means that they need reliable information and insight in to how their websites and content are performing in the context of today’s search engine algorithms. Luckily for you, that’s where the experts at fourgreenleaves can help and even better, we’re even willing to do it for free!

No, we’re not mad, we just like seeing the moment of realisation and appreciation on the face of the business people we work with when it’s laid out in black and white exactly where they’re going right and where a bit of tweaking could do wonders for their online presence and success. Of course, if these businesses then want our help in implementing those changes then great, but we’re not holding you to anything.

So, for your free web page SEO audit simply click the link below and complete the (very) short form. Then just sit back, wait for us to load up your site and work our magic before dropping the audit straight in to your inbox.

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There may well be no such thing as a free lunch, but it turns out there is such a thing as a free search engine optimisation audit and we hope yours proves enlightening!