The East Midlands is where the fourgreenleaves team have their roots and we love it here, which is great, because it’s important to love where you live. If you feel at home in your day to day surroundings then life is a whole lot more enjoyable and it becomes just that little bit easier to achieve the goals you set yourself – hard work doesn’t have to be a pain if you’re doing something you enjoy, somewhere that makes you happy.

But hold up, we’re getting a bit too close to life coaching advice here, and that’s not our line of work. So, why are we talking about the East Midlands here on our blog?

Well, as we’ve mentioned, it’s a region of the UK that has helped shape both our people and the business as a whole. You’ll find us based in the picturesque village of Somerby on the Rutland-Leicetershire border. Our founder Jono finds his family roots in the Nottinghamshire town of Mansfield but spent most of his formative years growing up in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The rest of the team here also come from places dotted around the East Midlands (apart from Sam who’s from Essex but please don’t hold this against her).

In short, this region made us and we think it’s great but sometimes we feel it gets a bad rap or even overlooked completely, especially in a business sense. There’s endless shouting about London and the South East as the economic epicentre of the UK, or the emergence of the Northern Powerhouse. There’s now talk of the Midlands Engine amongst commentators but even that seems to mean West Midlands ie. Birmingham.

So where does that leave the East Midlands? Well to many who don’t really know the region the easy thing to assume is that it’s a bit of a business wilderness. But we know that this is, to put no to fine a point on it, a load of rubbish!

You see this is why, rather than just being the region where we live and operate, the East Midlands and the small businesses based here are actually a core reason behind the decision to establish fourgreenleaves in the first place. We simply could not understand why this lazy yet commonly held view of the area existed and consequently we’re passionate about helping the amazing businesses based in the East Midlands to shine.

Jono became all too aware of this perception of the region as he embarked on a career in marketing that took him to many of these more ‘trendy’ areas of the UK to work in industry sectors as varied as financial software through to professional sport (and everything in between). If colleagues, clients and friends even had any idea of where he was from when he mentioned it, the general impression they seemed to have was there simply was not a lot going on there. We think it’s time now to do our bit in changing this perception of the East Midlands and its businesses.

We love great marketing. We love ambitious small businesses. We believe the small businesses of the East Midlands are underserved when it comes to quality marketing support.

We’ve come home not just because it’s where we want to be, but also because we know we have something to offer the region’s small businesses. Why not get in touch with us for a chat about how we might be able to help you.


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