fourgreenleaves core brand values

Is your brand aligned with your core values?

As I (Jono) write this the launch of fourgreenleaves hasn’t even happened yet and I’ve already been asked this particular question five or six times. The fact that I’ve only really told five or six people about my fledgling marketing venture makes me think it’s a question I should tackle here on this blog pretty early on.

So, why fourgreenleaves? What’s behind the name that’s sure to become globally recognised as synonymous with the best marketing services available anywhere? (Ed – alright, that might be a stretch but hey, dream big and all that!)

The truth is it was a combination of contributing factors that led me to settle on the name, which I’ll accept some marketing types might criticise for not being descriptive of what we do or even for having one too many syllables. But you know what, I don’t care. I don’t care because it means something to me and when you’re building something from the ground up it’s always going to be a very personal experience (plus I’m not really one for following rules really).

Anyway, I thought I’d break down the five big reasons why I chose the fourgreenleaves moniker so here are the answers to that burning question:

1) What’s your favourite colour?

Alright, I’ll accept this is a bit childish but the first reason is my answer to this extremely simple question. I’ve always liked green and it’s the colour of nature, the environment and energy which is handy because…

2) We’re all about growth

There’s nothing I like more than a small business with a big idea. Let’s face it, that’s exactly what fourgreenleaves is as well and what do leaves do? Yep, they grow.

What gets me excited about these small businesses is the potential for growth. A business like this can have the right ideas, products, services and people but without the right marketing there will always be untapped potential. Our marketing services are built around helping our clients to achieve the business growth they really deserve.

3) Tackling marketing challenges

If you’ve checked out our approach then you’ll know one of our core values is that we like to make tackling a challenge fun. We don’t believe in shying away from a marketing challenge but instead work with our clients to define exactly what it is, devising a strategy for overcoming it and then executing that plan.

And how does this relate to fourgreenleaves?

Well I’m a keen cyclist and I’ve always had a four leaf clover stuck on to all of my bikes, at first just because I liked the look of it. But cycling, while always fun, can also be a challenge and with my cloverleaf on board I’ve overcome many a challenge on a bike. So, why not try to do the same at work?

4) You’ve got to have passions

alfa romeo qv

Phwoar!! 🙂

Life would be pretty boring without passion. Everyone has passions for different things but there’ll always be something that gets your juices going (check out team page for more on ours). The overriding reason for fourgreenleaves coming in to being is that digital marketing and content creation is a genuine passion of mine. I enjoy doing it.

Outside of work though, one of my major passions is cars and one brand in particular, Alfa Romeo. Fellow alfisti will recognise the quadrifoglio verde (green four leaf clover) emblem as the symbol of a high performance or racing Alfa – here at fourgreenleaves, we’re all about high performance marketing.

So yes, it’s a bit of a piggyback on this emblem (with my own little twist) but if you read the story of Ugo Sivocci and the birth of the quadrifoglio verde you’ll soon realise that…

5) A little luck never hurt anyone

Yes, the final reason is probably the most obvious.

The four leaf clover is arguably the most recognisable lucky charm there is and while I don’t believe successful marketing really has anything to do with luck, I won’t say no to a big slice of it as fourgreenleaves gets up and running.

So there we have it, the five big reasons why the fourgreenleaves brand exists. Hopefully it makes a bit more sense now and if you want to have a chat about your business’s identity or are looking for some help developing your own brand then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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