Small business marketing is what we do here at fourgreenleaves

But, we hear you say, marketing is marketing right? Wrong.

Marketing a small business is a very specific art and this is down to a multitude of reasons including what these businesses need to achieve from their marketing efforts, the type of people behind them and the resources available to these businesses and their teams.

And how do we know this? Well, as a group we’ve spent years working for and with small businesses across a wide range of industries to help them bring their products and services to market and in this time we’ve built up a pretty comprehensive idea of what a small business wants and needs when it comes to their marketing.

On top of this there’s the obvious fact that we are a small business ourselves and therefore we naturally think like a small business. We believe the best marketers, those who really achieve results, walk in the shoes of their clients and we do this everyday. Put shortly, our empathy for our clients is born of experience.

Ask yourself a question…

Do you really want to work with large agencies who charge the Earth and SAY they understand your challenges and requirements, or do you want to work with a team of marketers who actually DO understand?

You see, we know what most smaller businesses want to achieve through their marketing and it’s pretty straightforward – they need to get their name out there and generate sales of their product or service as quickly as possible. There’s little time for the niceties, focus groups and endless strategising that is often found in large marketing departments. This is about executing a plan, reacting quickly to opportunities and achieving demonstrable results.

Oh, and did we mention we realise that marketing budgets aren’t bottomless in small businesses? Well we do and therefore affordability along with achieving strong returns on investment sit at the heart of our offering.

We also understand how busy the people of any small business are, usually wearing multiple hats within the organisation and working long hours to keep things running smoothly. Ultimately this means they’re very often time-poor. It’s why we look to take the marketing weight but we’ll also show you how to best contribute yourself and get the maximum from any marketing efforts for the minimum amount of your time spent.

Small businesses are mostly made up of individuals who have a high amount of personal investment in their work and an intense pride for their organisation. We take the time to involve and listen to clients through every step of their marketing journey with us and find this lends itself to the development of marketing efforts that  really buy in to and get behind. These are people with knowledge, ideas and a desire to grow the business that is just waiting to be unleashed in your marketing – it’s madness not to tap into this resource.

Small businesses are savvier today than ever before and we respect this. We won’t patronise you or teach you to suck eggs. As mentioned, you have to wear so many hats (including marketing) that the people of small business will often be far more flexible and capable than their big business counterparts. We’ll just work with you to take some of the marketing load and help you to do things that little bit better or more efficiently.

A commitment to helping small businesses compete

So we understand the marketing needs of smaller businesses but this isn’t why we do this though. No, we do what we do because we love working with these small businesses. We love the entrepreneurial spirit, the passion, the drive and we know we’ll always be meeting interesting people.

Our primary aim is to help these small businesses compete and grow through our marketing services. Over the years we’ve learnt, picked up and developed the knowledge and best practice small businesses need in order to access enterprise-level marketing techniques, strategies and platforms – these then scale with your business.

We see the new digital age as a great leveller and an opportunity for small businesses to break through when before they may have been dismissed. When you’re found online, the customer doesn’t know how big you are as a company, they’re looking at whether you’re knowledgeable, engaging and whether you can fulfil their needs. Our digital marketing services will firstly ensure that they find you and then our content will do the rest.


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