So, here we go then. After months of dreaming, scheming and working to develop on the original seed of an idea (plus many years amongst the team spent working in marketing of course) fourgreenleaves is born and it’s all just got very real. Scarily real.

There’s no time for pondering on what may or may not be round the corner though because now it’s time to crack on with the task of taking the fourgreenleaves way of marketing to the small businesses of the UK. The team here are raring to go (hey, we were born to do this!) and we’re all excited about what we can do for the amazing businesses that are out there who possibly don’t know quite how best to show themselves off.

We love small businesses. We love the real grafters and characters behind them. We believe they’re the real lifeblood of the economy and we want to help great small businesses achieve the success they deserve with the marketing strategies and techniques that allow them to thrive. Some smaller businesses will think they can’t take on larger competitors with their massive marketing budgets BUT we don’t believe that this has to be the case. We’ve spent years in small businesses just like yours discovering the tricks of the trade when it comes to gaining maximum marketing impact at minimum expense. We understand the frustrations faced every day in marketing a small business and we’ve heard all of the jargon spouted by marketing experts that you don’t really want or need to hear.

The truth is that when it comes to the marketing services available and designed with their specific requirements in mind, small businesses are completely under-served. They’re starved of the straightforward, affordable marketing services, advice and assistance that they really need as they strive for business growth. At fourgreenleaves this is exactly what we want to change, in fact it’s the sole reason that we were founded in the first place.

The content and digital marketing that we specialise in are true disruptors in the marketing space and the power of both is just as accessible to small businesses as it is to big business. It’s no longer just the size of your wallet that counts when it comes to marketing your business, as long as your product or service is up to scratch then a little creativity and know-how can get them exactly where you want them, in front of the people who are ready to buy. We firmly believe this and now it’s time to prove it.

We’re already lucky enough to have some lovely new clients with some ambitious growth plans so we best get down to work. make sure you get in touch if your business would like to come along for the ride with fourgreenleaves.

Ta ra for now!


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